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Mid October swimming in Dubrovnik as summer refuses to close

By  Oct 13, 2018

Autumn is still on hold in Dubrovnik! Temperatures over the past week have been constantly in the mid-twenties and blue skies and plenty of sunshine have replaced the autumnal conditions. Yesterday Dubrovnik was the warmest city in the country and this weekend that trend is expected to continue.

Highs today will reach 25 degrees and as the Adriatic Sea, warmed over the summer months, is still a tempting 21.5 degrees the city sparkled in the autumn sunshine. With only 79 days to the New Year Dubrovnik is enjoying an Indian Summer and the iconic Banje Beach, just a stone’s throw from the historic Old City of Dubrovnik, saw swimmers and sunbathers today as tourists cashed in on the October sunshine.


“I came here for a long weekend and I packed warm jackets and sweaters, I can’t believe how warm it is, we’re loving it,” commented an English couple standing above the beach.

And, according to the Croatian Meteorological Society, we are in for more high temperatures and bright sunshine for the whole of next week. Whilst most of the rest of Europe is wearing thick winter coast and carrying umbrellas Dubrovnik is proving it’s a city for all seasons.


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