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British Days in Dubrovnik – Richard the Lionheart legend draws huge crowds on Lokrum

By  Oct 11, 2018

The British Days in Dubrovnik continued today with a lecture on the legend of Richard the Lionheart’s connection to Dubrovnik and the island of Lokrum in particular.

A special ferry took the numerous visitors to the island and the lecture from Dr Judith Everard from Cambridge University was held in the courtyard of the monastery on the island, a truly spectacular venue which was completely packed for the event.

According to legend whilst returning from The Crusades Richard the Lionheart’s ship sunk in heavy storms and he vowed to build a monastery on the first place his feet touched solid ground. That place was the island of Lokrum just 600 metres from the Old City of Dubrovnik.



A mixed audience of tourist guides, students, locals and tourists attended the lecture and posed questions afterwards.

“We are extremely satisfied with the attendance, the boat to Lokrum was completely full and it was nice to see a mixture of ages and people from different professions,” commented a representative of the British Embassy in Croatia. Adding that several of the attendants had asked for Dr. Everard to produce a written copy of the lecture.

“To my delight the representatives of the local tourist guides and tourist board gave me a very positive feedback to the talk. I felt very humble talking to them about their own history, but I thought that I could give a British perspective on Richard and his career,” commented Dr Everard for The Dubrovnik Times.

So is it a legend or is there some truth behind it? Was the question that was asked at the end of the Lokrum lecture. “There is certainly some truth behind it. We can say that Richard the Lionheart certainly visited Dubrovnik in 1192. He might have given money to construct the Dubrovnik Cathedral but beyond circumstantial evidence we have no real proof.”