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Application that predicts the number of visitors to the Old City launched Screenshot

Application that predicts the number of visitors to the Old City launched

By  Oct 10, 2018

The City of Dubrovnik, DURA evelopment agency and the Enum Software startup, within the Respect the City project, have developed and launched an application for predicting the number of visitors to the historic core of Dubrovnik.

The application is available on the link and it presents an upgrade of the existing Dubrovnik Visitors System. Based on machine learning as a special branch of artificial intelligence, it estimates the number of people in the area of the historic core and the contact zone of Dubrovnik on a selected day and is certainly most useful to visitors to plan their arrival to the Old City, but is also important in providing accurate information to citizens as well as all business subjects in planning their daily or business activities.

The bilingual application recognizes textually and visually four possible cases: no crowd (green color), small crowd (yellow), crowded (orange) and really crowded (red). In case the system foresees a crowd, users are recommended to visit the Old City in the morning, late afternoon or evening to have the best experience of staying in Dubrovnik.

In the core of the strategic and multidisciplinary project "Respect the City" are informed visitors and citizens and this application is a useful tool in managing tourist traffic. Specifically, for predicting the number of visitor algorithms, different parameters are used, such as the number of visitors to cruise ships, the number of arrivals and overnight stays in accommodation facilities, as well as weather forecast (average temperature and rainfall data). Algorithm updates and improves itself automatically with each new data (for example, a seven-day time forecast is taken into account).

Through the next upgrade of the system, it is planned to establish cooperation with the accommodation reservation platforms in such a way that, when making individual reservations, the user planning their arrival in Dubrovnik offers a link to the calendar so that it may influence the choice of the term of stay or arrival. When designing the application, the experience of a friend of Venice city using a similar system was used.

Just a reminder - Dubrovnik Visitors is a system that, thanks to the cameras / counters located at the entrance to the historical core, provides an insight into the actual number of visitors at any time, and based on the collected information that is updated every 15 minutes, it creates the basis for decision-making and handling of the pedestrian traffic organization around and the historic core.

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