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Seabed clear up organised this weekend in Dubrovnik Dubrovnik Diving Club

Seabed clear up organised this weekend in Dubrovnik

By  Oct 05, 2018

This Sunday, the 7th of October, a sea-cleaning action will take place in Dubrovnik in co-operation with the Dubrovnik Diving Club and the City of Dubrovnik.

The seabed from the Orsan Sailing Club to the Diving Club Dubrovnik will be cleared of waste materials from 10.00 am to midday on Sunday. The Dubrovnik Public Cleaning company will then collect the waste and dispose of it correctly.

Before the end of this year two such cleaning actions are planned, in Zaton and the Old City Harbour. And similar such cleaning operations are carried out throughout the year to preserve the clarity of the sea water and to protect the biodiversity of the underwater world in the Dubrovnik region.

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