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Game of Thrones themed Hen Parties in Dubrovnik

By  Oct 03, 2018

Game of Thrones and Dubrovnik or Dubrovnik and the Game of Thrones the pair are inseparable. Ever since the directors chose Dubrovnik as the location for King’s Landing for season two of the series the city has become a part of the Game of Thrones world.

Hundreds of thousands of dedicated fans visit the city every year to see the sights and the backdrops in real life. Themed tours, souvenir shops, visitor’s centres, even restaurants offering Game of Thrones style menus, you name it and Dubrovnik has seen it.

But this latest offer rather caught our eyes. Dubrovnik is no stranger to international hen parties, but a Kings Landing Walking Tour Hen Party, well that’s a first. This UK based travel company is tempting future brides-to-be with the chance to see the Red Keep and tour the filming locations and as they advertise “Perfect for your Instagram feed.”

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