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Five Connie awards in the bag Five Connie awards in the bag

The best Hilton hotel in the world is in Dubrovnik!

Written by  May 12, 2016

Hilton Imperial Dubrovnik has just made a new record – the Dubrovnik hotel has won the prestigious Connie award for the fifth time, a feat that has never done by any other Hilton hotel in the world! The Connie award is reserved only for the best hotels in this prestige international hotel chain.

The Hilton in Dubrovnik won its first award in 2010, only five years after joining the Hilton group. But Hilton Imperial Dubrovnik continued to keep its trend of excellence and picked up its second award in 2012 and every following year including last year.
This award is named after founder of Hilton hotel chain Conrad Hilton also known as Connie to his family and friends. Almost one hundred years ago he opened his first hotel with a beautiful vision to fill the earth with light and warmth of hospitality.

Today with Connie award Hilton group celebrates the vision of its founder and honours the best hotels for keeping this vision alive in order to set the example for other hotels to follow.

What makes this award so significant is perfect balance of excellent product, extraordinary service and competitiveness. Each member of a team contributes by being hospitable with every guest they meet and being able to anticipate guest's needs to the smallest details.

Congratulations Hilton Imperial Dubrovnik!

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