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Fire closes roads in Orebić Fire closes roads in Orebić

Long and uncertain night for Orebić as fire rages on

By  Sep 25, 2018

“We are defending people and homes, the situation on the ground is very bad,” commented the Chief of the County Fire Brigade, Stjepan Simović, direct from Orebić.

The catastrophic forest fire that started at around 8 o’clock this morning is still burning in Orebić, and now the Croatian Army are on the scene to assist in the fire fight and the control of the evacuation of citizens.

A gale force northerly wind is making the situation extremely hazardous and simply controlling the fires is proving challenging. The front line of the fire is believed to be around 10 kilometres in length and as we understand the fire is spreading in two directions. The main road to Orebic is closed and campsites have been evacuated of tourists.

One ship, two helicopters, an airplane, and over fifty members of the Croatian army have joined in the fight, which has every fire fighting force in the county involved. The strong northerly wind is making it difficult for the planes to have any effect and the helicopters are fighting cross winds and the fire spreads quickly.

The road from Orebić to Dubrovnik is still closed for all traffic and as Simović pointed out the firefighters and the citizens of Orebić can expect a long and uncertain night.

VIDEO - Fire raging through Orebic – guests evacuated, roads closed




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