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Dubrovnik proves to be an example to other cruise destinations

By  Sep 21, 2018

Deputy Mayor of Dubrovnik Jelka Tepsic participated in the panel on "Making a cruise tourism welcome: How to find the balance between the economic impact of cruise tourism and the viability of the destination", in the Seatrade Cruise Med fair, held on September 19nd and 20th in Lisbon.

The deputy spoke about the measures the city is working to achieve balance and sustainability at the destination in order to optimize the balance between tourism and life in the city, adding that the emphasis is placed on satisfied citizens, which will result in satisfied guests. In this sense, Dubrovnik has shown itself as an example to other cruise destinations, especially because of the initiative of the City towards cruise companies. It was also pointed out that joint efforts to achieve better organization on the ground helped the image of the cruise companies because of their willingness to cooperate.

The Tourism Strategy of the City of Dubrovnik, recently adopted, then the project "Respect the City" and numerous measures already implemented as well as those planned in the forthcoming period, are some of the emphasis in the presentation of the deputy Tepsic in this panel.

All the desirable cruise destinations in the Mediterranean and beyond are currently facing the same challenges, and numerous calls to the City to attend such conferences show that Dubrovnik compared to others made a step forward in the management of the destination.

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