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Adventure of a lifetime: Ston Wall Marathon Photo by Tonci Vlasic

Adventure of a lifetime: Ston Wall Marathon

Written by  Sep 19, 2018

Whether you are a tough marathon runner in search of a new challenge or recreationist going over his limits and running for pleasure, Ston Wall Marathon is the race for you! You can still apply for this unique experience that will be held in four days, on September 23rd.

You can choose your own challenge: 4 km, 15 km, or 42 km – in each of them you will find yourselves in front of the wall – and not just any, the longest fortified walls in Europe.

This unforgettable race will make you climbing on steep steps from Mali Ston to crenelated stone towers and fortresses, jumping while descending towards packed Ston roofs, at the same time enjoying the views which literally take the breath away: to the reflecting surface of the oldest European salt works, to the fertile green fields and the bluest sea on the planet.

The shortest race ends in Ston, and those more courageous will run along the slim dam between the salt works and the sea to the South, the very heel of Pelješac, into the wild realm of the Mediterranean forest and jackals. Their finish is on the way back to Ston, while marathon runners continue farther, through the fertile Ston fields to the coasts of Mali Ston bay.

Accept the challenge and run this saucy marathon with a grain of salt. You may forget the result, but you will remember Ston forever! Details are avaliable here.

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