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WORLD CLEANUP DAY ON LOKRUM: Over 200 kilos of waste collected

By  Sep 17, 2018

Croatia joined the volunteers of the 150 countries and marked the World CleanUp Day and the International Day of the Protection of the Ozone Layer by removing the waste from the environment and educating the public on the importance of waste removal. That’s why the Department of Urban Planning, Spatial planning and Environmental protection organized Green and Blue CleanUp in cooperation with the Lokrum Reserve.

The action started at 9 am, with members of the Diving Club Dubrovnik, the Institute of Oceanography and Fishery Split and the Association Sunce, who cleaned the underwater of the Portoc bay and collected about 80 bags of seaweed weighing over 100 kg. The waste collected was about this composition: plastic waste about 20%, cans50%, glass 15% and metal 15%.

A large number of associations from Dubrovnik were a part of this action on the land, as well as many locals. Around 110kg of waste, mainly plastic, glass and a smaller amount of metal, were collected on the island by the edge of the rocks and in the bays.

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