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Heat wave coming back to Croatia - is September the new August?

Written by  Sep 14, 2018

We could well be in for an Indian Summer as the long-range weather forecast for south-eastern Europe shows a period of warm and settled weather. According to reports on the website Severe Weather Europe Croatia will once again find itself in the middle of a heat wave. “Mid-range model trends are pushing for a new heat wave across Europe: temperatures may be 8-10 °C higher than average for mid to late-September in central, western, eastern and south-eastern Europe. This means temperatures in the upper 20s and low 30s again!,” states the website.


Is September the new August? 

They add that daytime temperatures in Croatia could well reach 30 degrees and higher and that regions such as France, Italy and the Pannonian basin could see rising temperatures.

This August was one of the warmest on record in Dubrovnik with temperatures in the mid-thirties all month and rainfall minimal. And with the sea a warm and pleasant 25 degrees in Dubrovnik’s Adriatic and the number of tourists dropping Late-September and October could be the ideal time to visit the city.

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