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Four Seasons Kupari resort will be benchmark for Croatian tourism Željko Tutnjević

Four Seasons Kupari resort will be benchmark for Croatian tourism

By  Sep 13, 2018

One of the most drawn out tourism projects in Croatia, the redevelopment of the Kupari resort, could soon come to a conclusion. Councillors of the borough of Zupa held a meeting yesterday to adopt the decision for the urban planning of “Kupari I” which will see the former military resort developed into a luxury resort. Even though this decision had already been brought and passed it was necessary to re-issue the decision because there has been a two-year delay in the implementation of the previous decision.

“The investor has sent us the guidelines; the capacity will be reduced to less than five hundred beds. We have the guarantee of 'Four Seasons' that in Kupari they will build a complex that has not been seen in Croatia yet. We know that there will be a shortfall of potential workers for the new resort, but the capacities are not questionable. We are proud of this project and how much the local community will receive from it. We can be even happier because the total number of beds and the capacities have been reduced,” commented the Head of the Borough of Zupa Silvio Nardelli.

It was pointed out at the meeting that the borough of Zupa still today has less accommodation capacity than before the war.
When questioned by Councillor Antun Bašić on when the actual construction works will begin and when the former hotels will be demolished Nardelli answered that “The municipality has an obligation to create an Urban Plan, and in the meantime the investor can start with the demolition of the former hotels, apart from the Grand Hotel which is protected. It is difficult to say when the complex will open its doors to guests, but the deadlines for the investors begin when the Urban Plan is adopted.”

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