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Red Cruiser Day: Six cruise ships with more than 7500 passengers arrive to Dubrovnik

By  Sep 13, 2018

Busy day is expected in Dubrovnik according to the cruisers schedule published on the official page of Port Dubrovnik. This Thursday is marked with red colour, which means that over 7500 passengers are expected.

According to the schedule, six cruise ships will arrive to Dubrovnik – MARELLA CELEBRATION, MSC LIRICA, AIDAblu, LA BELLE DE L'ADRIATIQUE, HORIZON and MSC SINFONIA. Four of the cruisers already arrived, while HORIZON is expected to come at 9:30 and MSC SINFONIA at 2 pm.
During the days like this, it’s normal to expect traffic jams and big crowds in the Old City. However, because of the works of the City Government, days like this are more bearable than before.

If you want to avoid the crowds, Friday and Sunday might be perfect for visiting the Old City, since they are marked with green colour, which means that less than 3500 passengers are expected. Saturday is marked with yellow colour, which means that between 3500 and 7500 cruise ship passengers are expected.

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