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Quick reaction can save lives Quick reaction can save lives Photos: Zeljko Tutnjevic

Citizens of the Old City educated and equipped with firefighting sprayers

By  Sep 11, 2018

In the area of the Dubrovnik Public Fire Department, as a part of preventive fire protection measures, the Fire Department of the City of Dubrovnik carried out the action 'Firefighter apparatus of your home'. As part of the action, firefighting sprayers have been donated for initial fire extinction to residents of the historic core area.

As the continuation of this project, the appliances will be given to the other Dubrovnik households located in urban areas where there is a difficult access to firefighting vehicles.

When they collected sprayers, firefighters educated the citizens about the way the appliance was used. Almost 200 thousand kuna was spent from the City budget for this action.

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Photo by Zeljko Tutnjevic


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