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Free WI-FI internet on Dubrovnik buses

By  Aug 09, 2018

Ride the bus in Dubrovnik and surf the internet for free. The public bus company in Dubrovnik, Libertas, has teamed up with Media King from Osijek to implement free Wi-Fi internet in 100 buses in Dubrovnik. From now all locals and tourists will be able to log on to the free internet and check emails, Google or update their Instagram profile whilst riding the bus.

Media King has already supplied 60 trams and buses in Osijek, all 150 public buses in Split with free internet access and now Dubrovnik will have the same service. Internet hotspots will be installed in 100 Libertas buses and this figure could well rise to include all public tr4ansport in the city.

This technologically advanced Wi-Fi system allows large amounts of simultaneous connections to access points without congestion and interruption and provides high-quality internet access at maximum speeds. The system also allows commercial use, enabling advertising on all access points, thus achieving self-sustainability.

All that users need to do to use the service is to select the Wi-Fi network "LIBERTAS MEDIAKING" and follow the simple instructions.

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