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Under water fun with Dubrovnik dolphin Under water fun with Dubrovnik dolphin Tom James Instagram

Dolphin blows bubbles at Dubrovnik tourists

By  Aug 04, 2018

Come to Dubrovnik and swim with dolphins. This amazing photo of a dolphin happily swimming with tourists in Dubrovnik certainly caught our eye. It was taken by Tom James from New Zealand and literally right in front of the historic Old City of Dubrovnik. It is relatively rare to spot dolphins in Dubrovnik and this one seemed happy to pose for photos.

Speaking to The Dubrovnik Times James commented that “We found this guy 100 metres off the Old City port entrance! He stayed with us for over an hour and let us all have photos with him. Then started playing and blowing bubbles when we had to leave him to go to the marina!”

Now that is a holiday to Dubrovnik that these lucky tourists will never forget.

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Photo by - Tom James -

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