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Sally Cooper: Attractive violinist in love with Dubrovnik

By  Aug 03, 2018

Sally Cooper, violinist that is getting more and more famous (she was recently personally booked by Beyoncé to perform at Jay Z's private birthday party!), has visited Dubrovnik and was really enchanted with it.

¬- Fiery skies, crystal clear waters, ancient city walls, hidden alleyways, delicious seafood - Dubrovnik Old Town/Kings Landing, you are majestic, medieval, mysterious and magical! – wrote Sally with one of her photos that she published at her official Instagram profile, followed by 14 thousand people. Some of her followers were really delighted to see Dubrovnik, while others were more impressed by her curves.

The celebrity season has started in Dubrovnik and we are really looking forward to all the visitors that will fall in love with our City. Just yesterday, Naomi Campbell was spotted, having a great holiday in Dubrovnik. Can you guess who will come next?

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