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Golden Arches coming to Dubrovnik Golden Arches coming to Dubrovnik

Could McDonalds open in Dubrovnik in 2019

By  Aug 02, 2018

Could one of the largest fast food restaurants in the world soon be opening a branch in Dubrovnik? McDonalds have been ever expanding in Croatia and over the past few years there has been numerous rumours that they plan on opening a restaurant in Dubrovnik.

The American fast food chain opened their first restaurant in Croatia, in the capital Zagreb, back in 1996 and since then have been slowly but surely expanding all over the county. Until now the furthest south that McDonalds has expanded has been Spilt.

However according to unofficial rumours the restaurant chain has finally found a location in Dubrovnik which suits their requirements. It is believed that the first McDonalds restaurant in Dubrovnik will open in the Gruz suburb of Dubrovnik and that works could begin this autumn and winter with the restaurant opening in the Spring of 2019. The location is in an area with a high footfall of both locals and tourists and would seem to make good business sense. So far these reports have yet to be confirmed by McDonalds in Croatia.