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Horrific tailbacks from Dubrovnik to Zupa

By  Jul 28, 2018

The last weekend of July is upon us and the roads of Croatia are expected to be extremely busy with tourists looking to find their spot on the Adriatic. And over the past few days’ drivers in Dubrovnik have become more and more frustrated with the horrendous traffic jams on the main coastal road from Dubrovnik heading towards Zupa.

The tailbacks start kilometres back from the centre of Zupa and have meant drivers taking at least three times as long to get to their destinations. One of the problems that has caused these jams is the fact that new traffic lights have been turned on at the junction to the industrial centre. These new lights were installed to control the flow of traffic towards a new cemetery that is currently being constructed.

The thinking behind slowing traffic on a busy road just to allow people to visit a cemetery could certainly be challenged, but as this cemetery isn’t actually open then the decision to turn them on is, to say the least, questionable.

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