Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Dubrovnik tattoo artist offers free tattoos for the World Cup Final

By  Jul 14, 2018

World Cup euphoria is about to hit its peak, especially in Croatia, since tomorrow our country will play in the finals with France. Everybody are more than excited and thanks to Davor Korda, Dubrovnik tattoo artist, some of the fans will have a permanent memory on this historical success and amazing atmosphere.

- What is happening? Nobody is asking for World Cup tattoos! People, we are in the finals! New history is written. 90 percent of the planet is cheering for us – wrote Davor Korda at the Facebook page of his tattoo studio, offering to tattoo a couple of small World Cup related tattoos for free during the most exciting day – Sunday.

We just had to discover why this well-known Dubrovnik tattoo artist decided to spend his Sunday tattooing fans. 

- I decided to do this after I saw how many England fans got tattoos and how much faith they had in the success. And our team really made a miracle – for football, for our contry, for us. I felt a bit bad because after all the efforts of the team and cheering all over the country nobody contacted me to mark this historical moment. I know there will be a lot of people asking for tattoos if we win the World Cup, but even without the gold I want to treat the most faithful fans, those that get the fact that we need to celebrate our success already –Korda explained.
He added that a lot of people contacted him with some amazing ideas, but there is also a lot of people that want to use this opportunity to get a free tattoo. However, he's full and we'll just have to wait for Sunday to see his tattoo magic.

- It will be interesting! – says Korda who will hopefully share his World Cup work of art with us.




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