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Fish skate across the Adriatic Fish skate across the Adriatic

VIDEO - Fish jump out of the Adriatic in Dubrovnik

Written by  Apr 12, 2016

“I have never seen anything like it before, the fish seemed like they wanted to escape the sea,” explained an onlooker as this strange fishing trip played out before him.

This video, passed onto The Dubrovnik Times by a reader, catches the moment when three small fishing boats encountered a school of fish skating across the surface of the Adriatic Sea. Just off the rocky shoreline in Dubrovnik the small fishing vessels didn’t need any computer controlled systems, the fish were literally jumping out of the water.

“They have never had it so easy,” concluded the onlooker as he watched the fisherman literally scoop their catch out of the sea.


Three fishing boats come across a school of fish just waiting to be caught

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