Friday, 21 September 2018

McDonald's Croatia: We are still not ready for Dubrovnik

By  Jul 10, 2018

McDonald's Croatia Director Pavel Pavlicek has recently given an interview to the website, talking about the results in 2017 and many other things regarding the business of most famous fast food company.

Just in 2017, McDonald’s Croatia earned 417 million kuna and they had 19,8 million guests! That’s an increase compared to 2016, when they earned 367 million kuna. Pavlicek discovered that they function the best in Zagreb and that with an increased number of tourists, the restaurants on the coast are making better results.

While seeking for new locations in Zagreb and Split, McDonald’s Croatia is mostly interested in new locations at Pula or Rijeka, the Director told However, Dubrovnik, which doesn’t have McDonald’s restaurant yet, is still off the radar. When asked why, Pavlicek explained:

-This is a combination of several factors, one is the fact that for the citizens of Croatia as consumers Dubrovnik is mostly too far away, the second is the problem of logistics, since the transportation of goods partly goes through another country and the third is real estate prices. For the sites we would be interested in in the city, those are too high, and when we consider everything, we are not ready to come to Dubrovnik yet.

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