Monday, 20 August 2018
Blood donors get their monument in Dubrovnik Photo by Zeljko Tutnjevic

Blood donors get their monument in Dubrovnik

By  Jun 14, 2018

Today is the World Blood Donor Day and it was really special in Dubrovnik. Blood donors Nestor Nestorov and Antonia Mercep revelaed a blood donor monument by the Red Cross Dubrovnik in front of the Dubrovnik General Hospital.

According to the idea of the Red Cross Dubrovnik, born five years ago, the monument was carved by Bozo Runje, with the help of the company "Stijena". The monument symbolizes a "gift of heart" with eight drops representing four blood groups with two Rh factors.

The Croatian Red Cross marks a number of significant anniversaries this year: 140 years since the founding of the Red Cross on the territory of the Republic of Croatia, 65 years after the first organized voluntary blood donation organized by the Croatian Red Cross and 25 years of recognition of the Croatian Red Cross as a full member of the International Red Cross Movement.

Red Cross Dubrovnik, together with Zagreb and Zadar, is one of the three oldest societies founded in 1878.

Blood donors are the treasure of each country. There is a stable group of blood donors in the Republic of Croatia. A monument to blood donors is a lasting memory and thanks to noble people, blood donors, all of our anonymous heroes. This is another monument to blood donors in the Republic of Croatia. The first one was made by the Red Cross Karlovac.

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