Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Is it time to improve the life of 1557 residents of the Historical Core of Dubrovnik?

By  Jun 08, 2018

The Institute for the Restoration of Dubrovnik presented the socio-demographic study named 'Life in the Historical Core of Dubrovnik' as a result of a series of field researches, surveys and analyzes. The Study was created in 2016 and now is the foundation of the future Management Plan for the Dubrovnik Historical Core. Director of the Institute for Reconstruction of Dubrovnik and editor of the book, Iva Careviv Pekovic said the study was of a high quality and comprehensive and dedicated to the inhabitants of the historic core of Dubrovnik – Dubrovacki.hr reports.

-We are proud of the outcome of the project. As part of the study, we also conducted an internal population census and a quality of life survey. The study has set out the measures to be covered by the future Management Plan. First of all, the protection of life within the walls and the development of projects that will enable the inhabitants to stay in the city, greater satisfaction with life and the arrival of young families – Carevic Pekovic said.

Senior scientific associate at the Institute for Migration and Ethnicity and one of the three authors of the study Sanja Klempic Bogadi emphasized that the study wanted to listen to the voice of the local population, which is the absolute priority of sustainable tourism.

-We wanted to determine how many people actually live within the walls, but also what are their real problems, what is the quality of life and what are the reasons for their possible relocation from the historical core. The demographic picture is very unfavorable, and the number of inhabitants is constantly decreasing. Every fifth resident said he was planning to leave, and the most common cause was the quality of life - said Klempic Bogadi.

She explained that 1557 residents are at risk of endangerment, and every third is older than 65 years of age.

-There are no specialized stores, shops for day-to-day supply and small crafts, and their lives are made difficult with many visitors, crowds, noise and public spaces occupied - she added and said that possible measures for the revitalization highlighting the balance of development of tourism and the quality of living.

-If these trends continue, all the indicators show that there will be further decline in the population. We should try to stop the outflow of the current population, and then initiate measures to revitalize life in the core – Klempic Bogadi concluded.

The sociological-demographic study 'Life in the Historical Core of Dubrovnik' was made by Dr. Sanja Klempic Bogadi, Dr. Jana Vukic and Dr. Ognjen Caldarovic.

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