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Dubrovnik still a leader in property prices in Croatia

By  Jun 06, 2018

According to a survey conducted by the internet advertising website Njuskalo, on a sample of 155,000 active real estate adverts, prices in Croatia grew by more than three per cent on an annual basis. This is the highest growth in comparison to the period of the last few months.

On national level, apartment prices - compared to the same month last year – increased by six percent, while house prices grew more than three percent.

When it comes to Dubrovnik, apartment prices are 15 higher on annual basis, while house prices rose by four percent.

Our city is still a leader when it comes to property prices. The price for the square meter of the apartment amounts to
3512 euros. When it comes to square meter for the house with a yard, the price is around 4574 euros.

Just for comparison – for one square meter of the apartment in Dubrovnik, it's possible to buy almost two in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. An for one square of a house in Dubrovnik, it's possible to buy around three and a half in Zagreb.

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