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VIDEO – 40 bottles of wine stored in an underwater Adriatic cellar

By  May 19, 2018

Radoslav Didović (29) from Zrnovo on the island of Korcula has placed 40 bottles of wine at a depth of 33 metres and some 450 metres from the shore and he will leave them there for two years. But before you were thinking of squeezing into your diving suit and helping yourself to a few bottles of vino he has protected them with metal cage.

Radoslav is a long-time lover of scuba diving as well as coming from a family of wine makers, like many families from the Peljesac Peninsular, however he isn’t a fan of wine. So why did he decide to trap 40 bottles in a watery Adriatic grave.

"I do not drink wine, but I love diving and the underwater and I love sea decorations and that was the main motive for creating a submarine winery. The dive, during which I placed bottles at a sea depth of 33 metres, lasted 90 minutes. The bottles are currently tied to each other, and over the winter I will move them to a special cage due to the strong sea currents. The bottles are glass, a protective wax over the cap is stops the penetration of sea water, and the winery has to be inspected once a month. They say that red wine is best stored at a constant temperature of 15 degrees, which is basically at a depth of 30 meters, so I will leave it down for two years, " explained Radoslav.

Over their two-year storage underwater the bottles are expected to take on “sea decorations” and will certainly be rather unique. He chose the location after consulting experts to look for the ideal combination of sand, stone and submarine vegetation.

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