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Device that reads bank card data found at the ATM in Dubrovnik

Written by  May 16, 2018

Device for reading bank cards, so-called 'Skimmer' was found at an ATM in the historic core of Dubrovnik on Tuesday, after citizens reported something suspicious. For now, it seems that there no material damage was made, in terms of bank card misuse and identity theft, according to the reports od Dubrovnik Police.

'Skimmer' is an electronic device with video camera and battery that reads bank card data and is set up at the ATM to get the bank account of the person using the ATM after her or she has made the transaction.

The police removed the 'Skimmer' from the ATM machine and is looking for the people who set it up.

The Dubrovnik police warned citizens of Dubrovnik and their guests that when using ATMs, they absolutely respect the safety instructions printed on ATMs to avoid the possibility of abuse of bank cards and identity theft. They emphasized that they should notify the bank or the police without delay if they notice something unusual.

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