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Dubrovnik’s own Del Boy fences off parking space

By  May 15, 2018

Finding a free parking space in Dubrovnik is akin to winning the lottery, so some drivers have got a little creative to “reserve” their own private parking.

For more than a month this driver has fenced off a parking space in front of the swimming pool. The sign on the fence reads “Repairs to manhole cover” and the barrier is clearly moved every morning to make way for the driver.

It reminded us of the famous Only Fools and Horses episode when Del Boy took an “Our of Order” sign from his three-wheeler and pulled it over the parking metre.

So far during the month nobody has come with a shovel and tried to repair the manhole cover…no surprises there then.

only fools and horses parking out of order

Creative parking Only Fools and Horses style 

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