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Dubrovnik General Hospital has a shortfall of 30 doctors

By  May 02, 2018

Dubrovnik General Hospital is in need of thirty doctors, according to the President of the Croatian Chamber of Physicians, Trpimir Goluža.

Speaking to RTL news Goluža warned that the high cost of living in Dubrovnik was having a negative effect on attracting doctors to work in the hospital. He stated that “Dubrovnik is considerably more expensive than the rest of Croatia and therefore doctors aren’t interested in working there.”

"This is primarily the problem of the City of Dubrovnik and the Dubrovnik - Neretva County, and they need to agree on how they will deal with these problems, Dubrovnik General Hospital needs another thirty doctors to function normally.”

Croatia in general has a problem with young educated professionals leaving the country to work in other European Union member countries. And this problem also applies to the medical profession where trained staff from all disciplines are moving to Germany, Sweden and Ireland where they are paid considerably more than at home.

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