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Dolphin spotted in Dubrovnik Dolphin spotted in Dubrovnik Dubrovacki Vjesnik

Dolphin spotted in busy Dubrovnik port

By  Apr 30, 2018

This is something you don’t see every day – a dolphin swimming in the Port of Dubrovnik. This friendly dolphin was spotted this morning lounging around in the warm waters of the Adriatic in a relatively busy harbour in Dubrovnik.

It seemed that the dolphin wasn’t too bothered with the boats and onlookers as it swam in circles around the Gruz harbour. Many locals and tourists took the unique opportunity to get a fabulous photo of Dubrovnik’s dolphin.

Spotting dolphins in the open sea around Dubrovnik isn’t so common, but actually seeing one right in the middle of the main port is extremely rare. Boat owners have been warned not to disturb the dolphin in any way and not to get too close.

dolphin in dubrovnik sea

dolphin in adriaitc croatia

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