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Police to monitor speed on numerous locations for 24 hours

Written by  Apr 17, 2018

As we reported yesterday, with the aim of preventing accidents caused by inappropriate speed, traffic police officers will monitor the speed of vehicles even more than usual during this week from Monday to Sunday, April 22nd.

However, the most controled day will be tomorrow – there will be continuous 24-hour speed control across Croatia, after TISPOL’s action. Dubrovnik-Neretva County Police also joined in and will control the speed from 6 am tomorrow until 6 am on Thursday. The goal of the action is, apart from the repressive, to act as preventive to all the drivers, which is why this action is announced in advance.

The action will be carried out on a large number of locations. Police Administration called on citizens to propose speed monitoring locations and selected the most suitable ones. All available devices will be used, and the action will include the maximum possible number of police officers. In order to cover as wide a territory as possible, the monitoring locations will be changed every two to three hours.

Speed is the most common cause of traffic accidents, often those with the most severe consequences, so these actions are much needed.

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