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Dubrovnik taxi drivers block kindergarten

By  Mar 23, 2016

Some of Dubrovnik taxi drivers showed their true colours today by blocking the roundabout in front of the Hilton Imperial Hotel and therefore forcing kindergarten children to struggle past them. The chaos in front of the hotel happened this morning when taxi drivers used the roundabout as a parking space, presumably due to the fact that cruise ships had arrived in the Port of Dubrovnik. The complete collapse of the road forced small children to squeeze between cars and even a wheelchair user was stuck in the mayhem.

The staff of the Hilton Imperial Hotel wrote that “The blockade approached the kindergarten making it mission impossible for children to get to the school. Access for disabled should always be available - which unfortunately was not the case this morning. Such behaviour endangers the safety of the citizens of this city and its visitors. The roundabout in front of the Hilton Imperial Dubrovnik is NOT a taxi stop. Our city lives from tourism, and this is certainly not the image that we want to send our current and future guests.”

The hotel went onto praise the work of the police and the parking authorities who eventually cleared the blockage.

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