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Mercedes in Dubrovnik Mercedes in Dubrovnik

VIDEO - Mercedes Benz Global Training 2016

By  Mar 22, 2016

The Mercedes Benz Global Training 2016 in Dubrovnik is still in full swing in Dubrovnik. The massive event started on the 9th of February in Dubrovnik and is based in two hotel resorts, at Valamar on Babin Kuk and in Radisson in Orasac. Over 15,000 sales staff and coordinators from 120 different countries are expected to pass through Dubrovnik in this global event.

During the Mercedes Global Training several new models will have their European premiere, such as the new C, S and E classes. There have been training events for the participants in the Port of Dubrovnik, at both resorts and also through the streets of the city. Locals have got used to seeing top of the range Mercedes with German number plates driving around.

The Old City of Dubrovnik has been the centrepiece for many of these luxury German cars with a selection of Mercedes exhibited in various attractive positions.

Check out this new video of the Mercedes in the historic old city of Dubrovnik.

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