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St. Blaise Church rebuilt in Belfast as Game of Thrones final season heats up

By  Apr 01, 2018

Dubrovnik is slowly but surely being rebuilt in Belfast. As The Dubrovnik Times reported two weeks ago the most expensive TV set ever constructed is being built in Belfast, Northern Ireland for the final season of the HBO hit Game of Thrones.

The filming of the eighth and final season of the most popular TV series ever is currently underway and even though the key members of the cast were busy in Dubrovnik back at the beginning of February it appears that they aren’t finished with King’s Landing.

dubrovnik church in northern ireland

Dubrovnik recreated in Belfast - Photo by GoTlikeLocation

The UNESCO World Heritage Site is being painstakingly reconstructed in Belfast, stone by stone, in a set that is believed to cost around $1.4 million.

The latest Dubrovnik feature to be added to the Northern Ireland set is the iconic St. Blaise Church with its recognisable blue domed roof. It would also appear from these latest photos that a major battle scene will happen in the final season in King’s Landing as part of the walls seems to be missing. Even though Dubrovnik will feature only fleeting in the eighth season its “body double” will be a key location.

dubrovnik walls in GOT belfast

The ancient walls of Dubrovnik rebuilt for Game of Thrones - Photo by GoTlikeLocation