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Fish market in the Old City to be revitalized

Written by  Mar 29, 2018

The City of Dubrovnik is going to revive the fish market in the Old City, known as Peskarija. Preparations are underway and the fish market should be completed before the beginning of June. 

New fish market will be arranged in such a way that all requirements relating to the infrastructure of the facility for fish market activities will be met on the basis of EU food hygiene regulations.

-This would revitalize the existing space and allow small fishermen from the historic core to sell fish immediately after catching it. We would restore the old glow of the fish market and bring satisfaction to locals and to tourists – said Tomislav Tabak, Director of Sanitat, the company in charche for the revitalization.

Otherwise, the idea of reviving the fish market in Port has been running for many years, and it was re-launched after the new city administration took over the responsibility for managing the city. At the end of last year, several Dubrovnik fishermen expressed interest in using this area in Port to do some of their fishing trades - to clean and sell their catch.

Fishermen are supported by Mayor Mato Frankovic, who emphasized that the settlement of Peskarija is only one of a series of projects aimed at raising the quality of life within the historic core of the City.

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