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Dubrovnik gets rebuilt in Northern Ireland in final season of Game of Thrones

Written by  Mar 13, 2018

Game of Thrones may have only filmed for a few days in Dubrovnik, but the filming in King’s Landing is ongoing.

The filming of the eighth and final season of the most popular TV series ever is currently underway and even though the key members of the cast were busy in Dubrovnik back at the beginning of February it appears that they aren’t finished with King’s Landing. Dubrovnik has acted as the set for King’s Landing since season two of the series but for this final season HBO have built their own King’s Landing in Northern Ireland.

kings landing in ireland 2018

Photo by - Jeff McCrory

At the Titanic Studios in Northern Ireland the massive set has been under construction for almost six months and it would appear from the latest photos that it is nearing completion. One of the largest sets ever built the studio has basically rebuilt Dubrovnik in Northern Ireland. According to reports it cost around $1.38 million to build the set and to recreate Dubrovnik.

As this is the final season of the HBO series it was rumoured that King’s Landing would feature heavily, however it was also assumed that the production company would film in the city and not recreate their own city.

dubrovnik rebuilt in northern ireland for game of thrones

Photo by -Jeff McCrory

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