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Visiting Dubrovnik in May – try moonlight hiking

By  Mar 13, 2018

Visiting Dubrovnik is always special, but if you are an adventurer there is something you wouldn’t want to miss – Moonlight hiking. 

This interesting event is organized for the third year in a row by Roki Adventure team. As they say, Moonlight hiking is meant to be a recreation in nature for all people of good will.

You can hike on the top of the mountain of Srd for free, under the full moon, on May 29th – the hike will start at 8:30 pm with licensed mountain guides.

Mountain of Srd is 412 meters high and the full moon hike is 5 kilometers or 3 miles long. You will need a few hours for this sort of adventure, so the organizers recommend that children under age 12 don’t participate.

-Wear layers, sturdy shoes, bring a flashlight / headlamp, snacks, camera as needed and minimum 1 liter of water – it’s written on the official event page.

Hikers meet at Jadranska cesta (main road) where serpentine footpath starts and ends in the Old City of Dubrovnik.

Due to weather conditions hike can be canceled at the last minute and you are advised to periodically check the official event page for the last minute hike schedule changes and also for all the additional details. 

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