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Sponsored dog walk to raise money for Dubrovnik Animal Shelter

By  Feb 27, 2018

“I have organised a 5 mile sponsored dog walk to help raise money and awareness for the Žarkovica Animal Shelter in Croatia,” writes Ellie Brian from Coventry, England as she aims to raise £500 for the Dubrovnik animal shelter.

With over 350 dogs in the shelter the committed staff are fighting a constant battle with the local authorities to fund food, shelter and staff. The shelter is run by Sandra Sambrailo, who has dedicated her life to the care of stray animals in the region, and a small group of volunteers. In challenging conditions, to say the least, the shelter cares for abandoned dogs and attempts to find them a new home. The new Mayor of Dubrovnik, Mato Frankovic, made the animal shelter one of his top priorities but he still has yet to find them a new, more suitable, location. Although he has secured 100 new kennels for the shelter amongst other things. The Dubrovnik animal shelter depends on donations and the commitment of its small staff to survive.

dubrovnik animla shelter 2018

Ellie Brian spent two months volunteering at the shelter and was so touched that she decided to raise money through a sponsored dog walk. “Last year I volunteered at an animal shelter in Dubrovnik that is home to over 350 dogs and one lady who cares for all of them with the help one worker and one regular volunteer. There is no shelter, electricity or running water supply. After seeing the conditions and getting to know all of these wonderful dogs I stayed there in my motorhome for 2 months and wish I had stayed longer,” commented Brian.

The sponsored five-mile dog walk to raise money for the Dubrovnik shelter will take place at Hartshill Haze Country Park in Warwickshire, England on Sunday the 25th of March.

And to sponsor Ellie all you have to do is follow this link. She is hoping to raise £500 for the Dubrovnik animal shelter.




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