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Could we see a repeat of the snow in Dubrovnik? Could we see a repeat of the snow in Dubrovnik? Tonci Plazibat - CROPIX

Snow forecast for Dubrovnik as arctic front expected to hit this Sunday

By  Feb 24, 2018

The vast majority of Croatia is ploughing its way through several layers of snow, roads are closed, villages blocked off and emergency services struggling to keep vital infrastructure open.

However, the far south of Croatia is still enjoying a relatively mild February with, apart from the chilly north wind, no sign of snow. That could all change soon if we are to believe the weather forecasters, and it would seem that many people do. An arctic front is expected to hit the Dubrovnik region on Sunday with temperatures plummeting from the mid-teens to 5 degrees and yes, snow.

snow in old city of dubrovnik 2018 22

Last January Dubrovnik was covered in snow - Photo Tonci Plazibat 


Several weather sources are predicting a cold snap on Sunday with snow which is predicted to last until Wednesday. Severe weather warnings are being announced for Dubrovnik from Sunday to Wednesday with ice and a bitterly cold north wind. The real feel temperature for Dubrovnik on Sunday, which includes the wind chill factor, is predicted to be a freezing 1 degrees.

And there are reports that locals are stocking up on provisions for the cold snap, presumably believing that they won’t be able to leave their homes when the freezing temperatures arrive. The City of Dubrovnik has reported that all utility services are ready and prepared for the severe weather with an adequate stock of salt to keep the roads clean from ice and snow.