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Chilly swim in the winter Adriatic Chilly swim in the winter Adriatic Zeljko Tutnjevic

Dive in the Adriatic in the winter…not a problem for this tourist

By  Feb 22, 2018

It seems that tourists enjoying swimming on the Banje Beach in Dubrovnik whatever the weather.

Even though temperatures dipped to around 13 degrees today, constant overcast skies and showers, this tourist enjoyed a quick dip in the Adriatic Sea today. The sea temperature is around 14 degrees in Dubrovnik so we imagine it was a very “refreshing” swim.

But on the bright side at least he had the beach to himself, which throughout the warmer months is absolutely impossible.

feb swimmer dubrovnik 1

fe swim dubrovnik 2

fe swim dubrovnik 3

Photos - Zeljko Tutnjevic