Tuesday, 18 September 2018
Will we see Daniel Craig in Dubrovnik this spring? Will we see Daniel Craig in Dubrovnik this spring?

James Bond is back and is coming to Dubrovnik!

By  Feb 20, 2018

Speculation about the latest James Bond movie has been rife over the past week, with release dates, cast members and plot details beginning to become apparent. Daniel Craig has confirmed that he will return to the role, for the fifth time, after previous announcements that he would not continue as 007.

james bond in sea

The 25th movie in the long-running franchise will be released in the US on the 8th of November 2019 and it is believed that the UK release date will be earlier than that, possibly a week before the US. The last Bond film, Spectre, which was released in 2015 took a massive 100 million Euros at box offices.

Dubrovnik is still believed to be one of the many locations in the future Bond movie, which officially has the name as James Bond 25, although the name Shatterhand has been rumoured. Rumours suggest that Daniel Craig will film the 25th Bond movie in Dubrovnik with a host of expensive cars, encounters with old acquaintances from previous films and a near escape from drowning in the Adriatic Sea. Sources have suggested that the producers will apply to the City of Dubrovnik for filming permits before the end of March, with possible filming dates in April. However, this is still speculation as the producers are keeping their cards close to their chest and were particularly annoyed that the former Mayor of Dubrovnik, Andro Vlahusic, broke the news of filming in the city before them.

james bond with aston martin

And these filming dates in Dubrovnik tie in with Daniel Craig’s answer to an interviewer in the US when he said that he would be playing 007 again in a “couple of months.”

There are also rumours that the 25th movie will see Bond take on a new lifestyle, with one American website suggesting that Bond will “Quit the secret service, fall in love and get married.”

Will James Bond join the long list of productions in Dubrovnik, such as Game of Thrones, Robin Hood and Star Wars, will become clearer this spring.




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