Wednesday, 19 September 2018
Korean Air looking to introduce Croatia flights Korean Air looking to introduce Croatia flights

Korean Air looking to Croatia in expansion plans

By  Feb 17, 2018

Dubrovnik is certainly on the radar of tourists from South Korea. The numbers of Korean tourists visiting the city has been on the steady increase for the past decade, and as they prefer to travel outside of the main summer season this is a market that Dubrovnik, and in fact Croatia, needs to focus on.

As ever the lack of direct flights is proving a handbrake for seriously increasing interest. However, there could be some light at the end of the tunnel as Korean Air has expressed interest in operating direct flights to Croatia.

Speaking to the specialised website, EX-YU Aviation News, Korean Air commented that "The Balkan region, including Croatia and Serbia, is an important market for Korean Air, and we are currently considering various possibilities to expand our destination network there. We currently have a plan to operate five charter flights between Seoul Incheon Airport and Zagreb in May and June of this year, however, we do not have specific plans to launch a regular service in the short-term.”

And the Dubrovnik Airport realises that one of the most constructive way to boost the otherwise weak winter period is to encourage a South Korean airline to introduce flights. The new director of Dubrovnik Airport, Frano Luetić, commented last year that "This far-away market is the most important for Dubrovnik. Korean tourists are most plentiful during the winter months. It is very important for us to improve connectivity with Korea. It is a big market and we could attract even more tourists."

So with flights from Korean Air on the drawing board Dubrovnik could soon be in for a much needed influx of winter flights and winter tourists.

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