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Cold front to hit Dubrovnik

Written by  Feb 14, 2018

The State Hydro-Meteorological Institute has sent a warning about a cold front approaching and that can be health-damaging. 

The moderate threat of cold waves for the Dubrovnik region is expected on Friday, February 16th.

The weather is expected to change tomorrow, so there is a yellow warning for Thursday. Strong south wind is expected. You shoudn't only be careful about the cold – there is also a danger of debris flying around with a strong wind.

Dubrovnik rarely gets some snow, but maybe this cold front could bring some snow flakes to the city. They would make a great attraction, just like last year, when the snow covered Dubrovnik on January 11th. 

So, make sure to wear layers and dress for the upcoming cold wave, and if you can – stay inside.


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