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Russian 747 to land this April Russian 747 to land this April

Russian Boeing 747 to land at Dubrovnik Airport this April

By  Feb 11, 2018

A Boeing 747-400 Jumbo Jet will land at Dubrovnik Airport this summer as the Russian airlines, Rossiya Airlines, have announced that they will land in the city on charter flights this summer.

So far two landings have been announced, in April this year, and both will be arriving from Vnukovo Airport in Moscow, the first charter line will be on Monday the 16th of April and the second on Friday the 20th of April.

russian airline dubrovnik 2018


This flights will be the first time that a Rossiya Airlines has landed in Dubrovnik, and the Russian airline has booked two charter slots, however there is the possibility that they will book more.

Rossiya Airlines is a Russian airline headquartered in Saint Petersburg with its hub at Pulkovo Airport. It is based in Saint Petersburg, with additional hubs at Moscow Vnukovo International Airport, Rostov-on-Don Airport and Orenburg Tsentralny Airport. Rossiya is a fully owned subsidiary of Aeroflot.