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PHOTO - Jon Snow spotted at the Game of Thrones set in Dubrovnik Tonci Plazibat - CROPIX

PHOTO - Jon Snow spotted at the Game of Thrones set in Dubrovnik

Written by  Feb 07, 2018

Game of Thrones came to Dubrovnik for the final season! The filming of the eight season has started yesterday, all under a veil of secrecy. However, even though security measures are extremely strict, one of the biggest stars of the serial has been spotted while filming – Kit Harington or as the all GOT fans know him – Jon Snow!

For days now there have been rumours that Harington arrived to Dubrovnik, but now we can truly confirm he is. Even though it has been cloudy and rainy day, that didn't stop the filming, and Harington was spotted at the Minceta Fortress.
This are huge news for GOT fans, that will surely think of the numerous theories about Jon Snow in King's Landing. However, it still remains to be seen who (if anybody) of the major characters will join him at the Dubrovnik set.

The production put a lot of effort in keeping everything as private as they can – security guards are almost everywhere, actors can't be seen leaving the veichles and approaching the set and until now we weren't even sure if anybody came to Dubrovnik. We know something now – Jon Snow is in town! 

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All photos by Tonci Plazibat - CROPIX 


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