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Jon Snow spotted in Dubrovnik?

By  Feb 05, 2018

Game of Thrones is coming back to Dubrovnik for the final season, all the true Game of Thrones fans know that already. King’s Landing will once again be in Dubrovnik as filming for the eighth season of the most popular ever TV series is expected to start tomorrow and last for three days. Catering is getting ready for the arrival of the celebrities and the excitement can be felt all over the city. 

The tents to hold the camera equipment have already been installed near the Old City of Dubrovnik a few days ago on the Pile Gate, suggesting that filming could take place in the Lovrijenac Fortress, or the Red Keep, and the Pile Bay.

Today some final touch-ups were made. There are also some rumours that there could be some filming at Stradun, too.
Everybody is thinking the same – the grand finale could be filmed right here, in Dubrovnik. So all the big celebrities are expected. The rumours have already started, since one of the fans published on Twitter a super excited Tweet about seeing Jon Snow or Kit Harington, one of the most famous and lovable characters of the series in Dubrovnik!


Also, Emilia Clarke or if you wish - Daenerys Targaryen has been saying goodbye to Rome, Italy where she's been during the last couple of days, according to her official Instagram profile. And Rome is just a short flight away from Dubrovnik…


However, these are all speculations. Who will come to Dubrovnik still remains to be seen – hopefully with our own eyes and not on the screen, when the final season airs.



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