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Dubrovnik Carnival to be the greatest one yet

By  Feb 05, 2018

The 19th edition of the Dubrovnik Carnival this year brings a much richer program and as every year most of the program is reserved for children and young people. 

The Dubrovnik Carnival, jointly organized by the City of Dubrovnik and the Tourist Board of the City of Dubrovnik, in cooperation with its partners, will start today, February 5th with the opening of the exhibition by the Artur Sebastian Design at the Tourist Information Center at Pile and will continue with photo exhibition ''The most successful photos of the DART organizaton'', as well with the exhibition of academic painter Josipa Sare ''The Characters of Drzic's drama''.

The Dubrovnik Carnival 2018 will be officially opened on Friday, February 9th by handing the keys of the City of Dubrovnik to the master of the Carnival, which will symbolically make carnival take power in our city.

This year's 19th edition of the Dubrovnik Carnival is also coming to Mokosica, especially to the Mokosica Primary School, , where the party for children will be organized.

Another novelty of this year's edition of the Dubrovnik Carnival is "Waltz in Masks", which will be held on Stradun with the performance of Dubrovnik's City Music and Carnival Band. For a better carnival atmosphere there will also be a number of fascinating groups from the DART Association, the Fortuna Dance Association, the Kolarin Theater Association, the Zumba Gold Club, the Facebook Group of Dubrovnik and members of the 65+ Dubrovnik Red Cross Society.

The "Faćenda od malih maškara" will traditionally bring together children of pre-school age and families on Stradun, while proclaiming the best masks will be in the Lazareti.

The central venue for carnival events has always been a school day, due to the number of participants, as well as the variety and creativity of the group of masks. Traditional carnival fun for elementary and high school students will be held in the Lazareti.

The Carnival Day, in which our youngest fellow citizens will participate, this year will beautify and impress Stradun on the last day of the festival.

For those that still love to wear masks and are a bit older, there are ''Ultimi od karnevala'' or the end of carnival in the Culture Club Revelin, with the band Trio Gusti.

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