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Star Wars on Sea Star Star Wars on Sea Star Tonci Plazibat

Star Wars moves to the Adriatic

Written by  Mar 10, 2016

The filming of Star Wars VIII is dominating the news in Dubrovnik and as filming has just begun, although mainly rehearsals, the pace of news is coming thick and fast. Today, the second day of filming, saw the crew moving out onto the Adriatic Sea as the Sea Star event boat was used as a filming platform.

The ship sailed out of the Old City harbour in the afternoon and sailed around the city walls. It is believed that the crew were gathering footage of the outside of the city and the walls were illuminated for the filming. Nothing was left to chance and the ship was escorted by maritime police as well as a team of divers.

It is rumoured that the main actors, as well as the producer, will arrive in Dubrovnik tomorrow.

sea star

sea star wars

Photos - Tonci Plazibat