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VIDEO - Why you should visit Dubrovnik during the off season

By  Jan 31, 2018


Just a few days ago on the Youtube channel of Peter Greenberg, American journalist known as 'The Travel Detective' a interesting video was published – Why You Should Visit Dubrovnik During the Off Season. It's the segment from the season four of 'The Travel Detective' show.

In this short video host presents Dubrovnik, emphasizing it's role in the Game of Thrones as King's Landing. He's particulary talking about staying at Dubrovnik off-season.

-Don't come between March and December, that's when all the cruise ships crowd in here. And I mean – crowd. There could be as many as five cruise ships a day – says Greenberg, adding that you should come between December and March because ''you'll own the place and have your very own King's Landing''.

He also speaks about the synagogue and the problem of public toilets in Dubrovnik, as well as getting a drink at Buza. The whole video is full of pretty scenes of our City. 

See the video of 'The Travel Detective' below.

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