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Game of Thrones sets up for season eight Game of Thrones sets up for season eight Tonči Plazibat

Game of Thrones rolls into Dubrovnik for final season

Written by  Jan 31, 2018

Game of Thrones is coming back to Dubrovnik for the final season. King’s Landing will once again be in Dubrovnik as filming for the eighth season of the most popular ever TV series is expected to start any day.

The tents to hold the camera equipment have already been installed near the Old City of Dubrovnik, on the Pile Gate, suggesting that filming could take place in the Lovrijenac Fortress, or the Red Keep, and the Pile Bay.

It is believed that filming will only last for a few days in Dubrovnik as the series comes to a grand finale, but the rumours are that it will be a big finish with many of the leading characters. No extras have been requested for the shooting in Dubrovnik so how big the finish will be remains to be seen.

game of thrones tent dubrovnik

Game of Thrones sets up tent in Dubrovnik - Photo Tonci Plazibat 


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